2014 (& a little of ’13)

I’ve started to look back on my life in terms of phases that I’ve gone through instead of academic or calendar years, which is why it doesn’t make sense for me to begin my summary of 2014 in January. Yet I also don’t want to exclude the first few months of this year because of the value they hold so I’ll mention the phase I consider them to be in before summarizing the rest of 2014.

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Time, Space, and Closure

Having distanced myself from all that’s familiar (friends, family, surroundings, constant Internet, etc.), I’ve been spending some much-needed time with myself these past ~6 weeks. I’ve inevitably learned more about who I am, who I want to be, and who I was.

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Why ‘Live Free’?

Full freedom, in the sense of how I’m going to experience it during my time here, is going to be such a new concept for me. My goal is for it to be a reoccurring theme this year because it encompasses so much… Freedom from all that I have ever known. Freedom from my past, my fears, and my insecurities. Freedom to be who I am, yet also who I want to be. Freedom to live. Hence the name of my blog, Vivre Libre, which means ‘Live Free’. Continue reading Why ‘Live Free’?